About us

ConductMe works for equals for individuals. The business is based in Sweden but have users from all different corners of the world. Conductme is the digital platform for Conductive Education. The aim is to share knowledge for a brighter future where individuals with neurological diagnosis can be the best version of themselves.

It all started in the history, when our founder Eszter Horváth Tóthné visited András Petö Institute of Conductive Education and College for Conductor Training in Budapest together with her grandmother. When Eszter and her grandmother came to the training hall she saw a girl with mobility impairment fall into the floor. Instinctively Eszter wanted to help, but the girl made it on her own. In that moment, Eszter saw the power and strength in each individual, and the possibility to be more independent in everyday life.

After fours years of studies at András Petö Institute Eszter did her internship at the facility for small children. But after she finished her employment, parents started to call for her service. Eszter started the second privately owned company within Conductive Education ever in Hungary, in 1994. The reputation of Eszters training, programs and service spread and families flew in from other countries. The key to success was the total family safety and the holistic development. Far away from traditional way of Conductive Education. Eszter moved her business and her family to Sweden in 1997. Today the business, Move & Walk, operates in three cities and have 176 employees.

With this mind and together with a group of conductors, Eszter started ConductMe in 2020. In decades conductors have participated in dialogues about Conductive Education, but rarely discussed how to meet the future or the development of society. At ConductMe our passion is to guide individuals with neurological diagnosis towards development and to become more independent. It is now time to adapt Conductive Education to the world of digitalization, so that more individuals can feel their own power and physical ability.

ConductMe has formed the platform to provide support to jointly assure the future of Conductive Education, in collaboration with the European Conductive Association.

Eszter Horváth Tóthné

Founder of ConductMe

I am a conductor and the founder of ConductMe and Move & Walk.

In 1991, after my graduation from András Petö Institute of Conductive Education and College for Conductor Training, Budapest (MPANNI), I started Move & Walk School in Budapest. In 1997 I moved the school to Sweden and developed different activities based on CE in healthcare, school and in social areas.

My participation in ConductMe is as a generator and innovator. I hope, conductors all around the world, will find their own way to meet the digital world with success, through our ConductMe platform.