Transforming knowledge for the future


Our digital and educational services for Conductive Educational organisations and professionals help you to meet the demands of digitalisation.

ConductMe Academy is a knowledge platform to guide you to meet the demands of digitalisation.

ConductOnline is a platform where you can create your own online service in order to deliver CE to your own customers.

Society’s needs in the 2000’s have been shaped by developments in information and communications technology.

Digitalisation has changed in the way we conduct commerce and the way we view support, and the way we gain access to services within social functions such as care, school, etc. Recent technological developments have paved the way for a paradigm shift in the accessibility of educational, medical as well as rehabilitation services.

Customers want help when it suits them according to their own time schedules; they expect support to be shaped according to their needs and that it be available according to their personal requirements. The use of modern technological tools is now commonplace for most people, regardless of age.

Increase your and your staff’s competence in a simple and easily accessible way

ConductMe Academy gives you and your staff quick access to course material and recorded lectures directly at your convenience. Through the offered packages you choose what level or training you and your organisation need.

The first module in this platform is called ConductMe Academy, offering training courses. Through ConductMe Academy you will be able to:

  • Develop your competence in the Conductive Education field
  • Learn how best to provide Conductive Education services online

The platform is available 24 hours a day which means that you and your employees can complete the training when and where it suits you without affecting ordinary activities.

Choose a package that works for you

What is Conductive Education?

Conductive Education (CE) is a multidisciplinary and complex method designed to support the development and learning of people with central nervous system injuries. Move & Walk has over the past 22 years introduced various service offerings where CE can provide an active lifestyle for customers, students, users, and others as a tool. 

Our knowledge gives you a head start

ConductMe works closely with Move & Walk Sverige AB. Together we have developed new working methods in CE in order to be able to practice our profession even remotely via digital video channels, ensuring high quality standards.

In 2018, Move & Walk conducted research and development work with NICE (National Institute for Conductive Education, City University, Birmingham, UK) and CLC (Conductive Learning Center, Aquinas College, Grand Rapids, USA) to discuss, investigate and analyse online training and education from the Conductive Education profession’s point of view.

We identified necessary professional competence as well as technical and process change requirements, including risk factors to be managed, based on which we designed a layout for providing effective online CE services. Tests were conducted in different constellations to get answers to our questions and to identify possible limits to tele-rehabilitation. The results were striking! Surprisingly, conductors were able to quickly adapt their usual educational arrangements, find their appropriate communication styles and identify preparatory routines to ensure that online training can flow smoothly.

Through ConductMe you will have access to these experiences and can quickly start to prepare for your own CE business online.