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After many years of experience from operating and developing businesses within Conductive Education, we are excited to let you know that we have now launched our new digital platform ConductMe.

We have listened to the challenges and needs from our colleagues, conductors and other professionals, our customers, the clients and their families, organizations and decision makers. Together with our own knowledge and driving force to make the world of Conductive Education grow even further – we have created a digital ecosystem.

ConductMe is the worldwide platform for Conductive Education. The goal is that we, everyone with an interest in conductive education, share knowledge and experiences, support each other and strengthen the innovation and profession. ConductMe will make it possible for conductors, clients and their families, businesses and organizations all over the world to connect, educate, communicate, discuss and to spread the importance of the profession and our work. It will also be possible to host digital live sessions, courses, conferences and world congresses on the platform.

Our ambition with ConductMe is to make a better future for and together with our clients and for the world of Conductive Education.