The platform

Welcome to join the future of Conductive Education!

ConductMe is the worldwide platform for Conductive Education. This is where individuals and their families, conductors and professionals, organizations and businesses, institutes and authorities together work for equal values for all. At ConductMe, we see possibilities and support each other, share knowledge and experiences, connect and communicate. The aim is to create solidarity, development and learning for a brighter future.

Individuals and families

Bond with other individuals with neurological diagnoses and their families. Share journeys, discuss and support each other. Learn more about the individuals needs and strengthen your family with courses, films, webinars and educational material. You can also reach out to professionals and organizations to get help.

Conductors, businesses and organizations

Connect with clients and their families, other conductors and professionals or organizations, businesses and institutes. Share your knowledge, sunshine stories and experiences. Give your perspective and discuss how Conductive Education can grow further. Learn more about certain fields from colleagues via webinars, take part of conferences and courses.

Other professionals and schools

Learn more about Conductive Education through courses, webinars, conferences and educational material. Communicate with conductors, organizations, individuals and their families. Take part of inspiring stories and get understanding of how Conductive Education can be life changing for individuals with neurological diagnosis.

Authorities and decision makers

Get understanding of how Conductive Education improve, not only for the individuals – but also for society and professionals. Learn how tasks, challenges and teaching from conductors allows individuals to be their best selves. The focus is the individual abilites to be independent – not the equipment or assistant. More independent individuals, better for society with fewer efforts and well invested time and costs.